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For years, stainless steel crowns have been, and continue to be, the standard of care for badly decayed primary teeth. Fortunately, with recent advances in ceramics technology many children now have another option!

Dr. Wingate is proud to offer EZPEDO Pediatric Zirconia Crowns, the number-one choice in metal-free aesthetic pediatric crowns worldwide


Manufactured in Northern California, EZPEDO crowns were developed by two dentists out of a need to have a healthier, stronger, and more aesthetic option for their own children.

Dr. Wingate and our team have been specially trained here in the US to provide EZPEDO crowns to restore your child’s smile back to its natural beauty. From a single tooth, to situations where many teeth are badly decayed, EZPEDO crowns may be an excellent long-term treatment option to restore oral health and wellness.

With EZPEDO crowns:

  • A pulpotomy may be necessary in order to place an EZPEDO crown due to increased preparation (drilling) needed for the ceramic.
  • Though zirconium is a very strong material, it can break if too much force is applied. Please follow our dietary guidelines/precautions to ensure the crowns do not break or unglue (de- bond). Most common items or foods that can cause this are chewing hard metal or plastic materials (like toys), trauma to the mouth or eating sticky candy.
  • If the crown becomes de-bonded, please call the office for a re-cementation appointment. DO NOT TRY TO PUT THE CROWN BACK ON—IT CAN BREAK.
  • A re-cementation fee may apply.

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Contact our Canandaigua, NY pediatric dental office today to see if EZPEDO Pediatric Zirconia Crowns are an option for your child.

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